Crosby Eye Clinic
Crosby Eye Clinic
Great River Eye Clinic - Crosby, MN
The Great River Eye Clinic is directly across from the hospital in Crosby, MN, and provides a full range of eyecare for the entire family.
Experienced eye doctors can effectively and accurately diagnose and treat the most serious of eye problems.
We perform a number of procedures on-site, in the clinic including LASIK eye surgery.

Clinic Hours: M - Th  8am to 5pm | Fri  8am to 4pm

Clinic Address: One Third Ave. N.E. Crosby, MN 56441
Telephone: Toll Free: 800-952-3766  |  Local: 218-546-5108

Fax: 218-546-5736

One Third Ave. N.E., Crosby, MN, 56441
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